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Aya's Kawaii Mono Yan San Review ღ

Kawaii graphics 
Hello my dear princes and princesses, today I'm going to be reviewing this etsy shop for my lovely friend Aya...she owns Aya's Kawaii Mono Yan San and makes a WIDE variety of handmade nails from everyday fashions to fairy kei, hime, gyaru, lolita and so much more!! She also makes adorable jewelry as well~based in Japan ^_^ I was sent a lovely pair of custom nails to review for you!
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let's get started~!
Everything came in this package, it was sent I believe on the 7th of July and I received it on the 24th

There was adorable Rilakkuma tape on it as well!! I love rilakkuma and korilakkuma *W*

View of the inside once I opened it

EEEEE! Hello kitty!!
Inside the hello kitty bag was this cardboard wrapped goodie

There was kitty tape wrapped all around securing it..!! I kept discovering cute details in this package before even opening it
I didn't know which set she would make for me so I screamed from happiness once I opened the cardboard box

Kawaii graphics

....SPEECHLESS! I cannot get over how much I love these 3D much detail and care went into making these it blows me away knowing they are handmade. SUPER KAWAII, pearls, gemstones, roses, bows, glitter, candy details..and oh gosh the bears! She picked the perfect pair for me..they shine beautifully! I really like that she included 12 instead of 10 so I could pick which ones I'd rather wear
This lovely bag was in the package as well

Kirimi! A sweet personal note~

She also added nail tape, a few adorable 3d stickers and typed out directions on applying the nails which is very nice

Her personal card

These Sanrio bags are SO cute!!

(Aya's photo) Unsure how to measure your nails? Just use measuring tape and measure the width of each nail in cm and you have your sizes so when you order you can include the sizing as well. 
Step by step on applying nails
1. Wash hands and nails with soap, also apply acetone to your nails
2. Push back your cuticles with a buffer and buff your nails as well
3. Choose the ten nails you would like to use
4. Apply glue or nail tape onto your nails, press fake nails on for a few seconds
5. Removing nails, if you used glue apply acetone carefully to remove them. If you used the tape just soak in warm water and they should come right off :) 

Kawaii graphics 

Left and right hand photos..OH GOODNESS. These are beyond perfect..!! I switched it up and wore a white rose nail and pink rose nail on my index fingers

Kawaii graphics
These nails blow me away..!! I decided to dress up in a pastel decora look with hints of pink, blue, purple and white. I also wore a sax/mint colored sequin top.

KAWAII ATTACK..! keeheehee..I had to do some silly photos too~had so much fun with this!!

I'm in LOVE with these~of course they are not for everyday wear but to dress up, go to kawaii meetups with friends or conventions they leave a lovely statement to your look.

SSOOOO many photos~I hope you adore these nails as much as I do. Aya makes so many different types of nails and takes requests as well..!!
She is currently pregnant and giving birth in mid August so from the middle of August to the end of that month her shop with be temporarily closed just to let you lovelies know but she will be back, don't worry! She also has 3 mystery bag deals where you can get 2 PAIRS of nails(24 nails total), links here: Oval nails, Short round nails, Square nails
 Dont forget, COUPON CODE: Use "PASTELUSAGI" at checkout to get 10% off

Workmanship: / 
I can't begin to express how beautifully made these nails are, all the decor on them were perfect and I couldn't ask for a better pair of nails. AMAZING!
Postage/Shipping: / 

It took 18 days to get to the U.S. (Alabama) from Japan which isn't bad, I've had packages take months for me to receive so I was relieved there weren't any complications
Communication: / 

She was very quick to answer whenever I had a question, shes super sweet!
Overall: /  
Great experience from start to finish and I couldn't ask for anything more..truly spectacular. Too many creations to choose from

Kawaii graphics
Thank you so much for reading, feel free to comment below and check out my other links..give Aya some love and get your super deco nails and jewelry~
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