Monday, July 28, 2014

ScandinavianMonkey Review ✦

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Hello sweeties..! I hope you are doing good ♥ today I'm going to be reviewing this super cute etsy shop called ScandinavianMonkey..this shop is owned by the lovely Patricia. Based in Sweden her main inspiration is kpop and anything she find cute and inspirational, she makes a wide variety of accessories, jewelry and clay charms n_n I was sent a little package to review for you all, she is an amazing artist and creator
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let's go!!
Everything came in this package, it was sent out on the 12th of July and I received it on the 23rd

View when I opened it, the package has bubble wrap lined on the inside which is a plus

Inside was this turquoise jewelery mesh bag (view front and back)

I found three securely bubble wrapped items inside, EEEEE!!

Also her card was included with all of the links printed on, I love this monkey!
Monkeys mini graphics
First item was this Strawberry Shortcake necklace made out of fimo clay, it has beautiful layering detail and sweet strawberry with whipped cream touches as well, attached to a silver chain..I adore miniature food creations. This necklace isn't in the shop at the moment but if you would like to order it just send the sweetie a message and I'm sure she can help you out. The matching earrings for $5.00 and bracelet for $7.00 are available in the shop, links here: bracelet and earrings
Next is this Crystal drops multicolor crackle bracelet, attached to silver chain links these super bright glass beaded bracelet is adorable! They capture light beautifully and all the colors are perfect~this one is available in the shop for $8.00 and you can get it here
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The third item was this You're an Angel phone charm (white version) a adorable pearl angel with a star and heart jewel detail. These are also available in silver, metallic, and black. Only $4.00 this could be a cute present to yourself or a special friend, get this baby here

Kawaii graphics

This strawberry shortcake necklace is so so sweet..!! I love it, I matched it with my huge strawberry hair clip and wore lots of pink as you can see keeheehee!

Close up! This can add the perfect touch of cuteness to any outfit

I added the bracelet with this look as well since it has so many beautiful can give a lovely pop of color to your look and these glass beads capture light so well plus it glistens gorgeously
UUUU! This angelic charm is splendid, you could also hang this from your bag, keys..wherever you'd like! I hope you adore these items as much as I do, now to rate!
Workmanship: / 
I didn't see anything or find anything wrong with the items, they were made very well and securely
Postage/Shipping: / 
I received the package in 11 days which actually isn't bad since it came from Sweden to the U.S. If you would like any of their items for a certain event I would recommend purchasing as soon as possible so it gets to you in time, my package was a bit wrinkled but nothing was damaged which is all that matters to me
Communication: / 
The response was quite quick and anytime I sent a message her way she was very kind and answered as soon as she could
Overall: /  
I had a good experience with this shop and would gladly recommend them for your next cute shopping adventure.
 Thank you for stopping by, I hope you lovelies enjoyed this review, feel free to comment and check out my other links below and give ScandinavianMonkey some lovin'! Thank you so much again to Patricia *hugs*
 Don't forget you can use the code "PASTELUSAGI10" to get 10% off 
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Kawaii graphics
Have a lovely day..! See you soon

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