Saturday, October 18, 2014

Spookii Shop Review✩★

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Hello my creepy cuties..!! I hope you have been well~! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ today I am going to talk to you about this AMAZING kawaii online store called Spookii, this store is based in Indonesia and has a sweet variety of graphic t shirts, tote bags and accessories! I was sent a package to review for you all, let's begin!
Everything arrived in this sealed package bag, it took about 4 days to arrive in Alabama from Indonesia (^ᴗ^)
Inside was another bag wrapped goodie!
ANOTHER..!! This package was wrapped extremely well~nothing was going to damage this രᴗര I love the reflector wrapping paper and spookii address sticker
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Once opened
Both of these goodies were in plastic clothing bags as well
First item opened was this spookii stripped tote bag, red stripes along this sturdy bag with the drippy spookii logo which I love
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Next time was this Sweet Trap t shirt, the shirts are fitted so I chose a medium...if you are worried about the fit there is a size chart included in their link I will add down below for you. I absolutely love all the details from the polka dots to the web and candies! ⸜(ّᶿധّᶿ)⸝
Last but not least is this Spookii kitty button..I adore the packaging and the color choices for this one~there are different colors available as well!!

Candy mini graphicsCandy mini graphicsCandy mini graphicsCandy mini graphicsCandy mini graphicsCandy mini graphics Candy mini graphics Candy mini graphics
This shirt is absolutely amazing...!!! I love everything about this and it fits me perfectly~I wore some of my gemstones (black and lavender) and used pink/purple for my eyes. The details on the shirt are is very soft too, feel creepy cute in this beauty and order one here
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This button adds the perfect touch! I love the bright art of all of there items, stands out so well~I switched out my lavender diamond gem with a green one and I feel it combines the color combos evenly ^_^
Rocking my Spookii Tote bag..SOOO CUTE! I felt phenomenal with this outfit and could fit lots of goodies in my bag..wearing this makes me want to watch Bettlejuice :3 I hope you enjoyed my review lovlies, now to rate!
 Workmanship: /     
All the items were wonderfully made and I could not find any defects at all!
Postage/Shipping: / 
  Coming from Indonesia to the U.S. I'd say 4 days is AMAZING..the package was wrapped 3 times so it was very secure
Communication: /
The communication was quick and responses were very kind, they will gladly answer any of your questions or requests
Overall: /  

I LOVE Spookii and I think a lot more people should recognize and check out this lovely shop..the items they have so far are unique and pop!
Visit Spookii Shop to order here
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Thank you for reading and feel free to comment and check out my other links above, go check out Spookii if you haven't already

Monday, October 13, 2014

MadModesty Review✦✧

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 Hello lovelies! I hope you are having an amazing October so far~I'm here again with another review I am excited to talk to you about, this amazing etsy shop is called MadModesty based in Belgium, the sweet owner Veronique makes a wide variety of handmade jewelry, accessories, tote bags and graphic tees..she is a fantastic artist and was kind enough to send me a package to review for you all, here we go..!!
Everything arrived in this package, it took about two weeks for me to receive it in Alabama from Belgium. There were a few tears in the envelope but not large enough for anything to fall out thankfully
Once opened I got a few goodies in a plastic wrap and some goodies in a large glittery mesh bag..nothing was damaged from what I could see

First was this pastel bat shirt, adorable bat details on the front in lavender and a mad modesty bat logo on the back..These run for only $19.72 in the shop and are also available in white, lavender, and black with pink details~they would be lovely for cute Halloween looks, pastel goth or everyday, available in S-XL
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Next was this magical mermaid tote bag, I absolutely adore this!! I could carry it anywhere ^_^ I was sent a mint one but they are also available in pink, only $15.62 for this baby
THIS BAG IS SO CUTE, you can't really tell in the photo but its sparkly *W*
I was sent a couple of her cards which I was happy to get more than one to give to friends that enjoy items like hers
look at this creepy cute book mark?!?! It's perfection! I love the eyeballs and bat detail
  Frappucino cosmetic mirror, this is probably the cutest little mirror I have ever owned..I love this punk kawaii girl and original art. These run for $5.21, there are quite a few different designs to choose from :3
Cute cat bat acrylic cell charm, $6.51 Add the perfect touch to your phone and carry this cutie along with you

Bubbles-Cute purple unicorn cat $6.51~This ring is sooooo precious, look at those eyes..! Printed on acrylic, this ring is guaranteed not to peel off or fade. It was a little crushed when I received it but I was able to bend it back to fit my finger properly n_n 
Bats graphics
This shirt is PPUURRFEECTT..! Wearing a pastel goth look with this baby~I matched it with my pastel lightning bolt earrings and lavender/black split wig~I chose a size M which fit me perfectly, the shirts fit slim so if you are worried about it being too tight I'd suggest go a size higher
Get this shirt here

Wore my magical mermaid bag out with my outfit I love mint, lavender and black combos in a outfit
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I could rock this bag all day..its large too which I love because I like to carry a lot of things with me~

Look magical entering and leaving wherever you go, get this tote here

Get this cutie mirror here, I will be carrying this beauty along with me in my adventures

Sorry for the bad lighting in my other room >< I love my batty cell charm very much~the ring, shirt and charm work very well together. Get this charm here
Aristo cat marie disney gifs

FUFUFUFU! Add a sweet touch of cuteness with this unicorn kitty...I love this ring. Get this beautiful piece of art here I hope you all have enjoyed reading my review and now to rate this lovely shop

Workmanship: /   
All the items were made and printed very well, I have any problems with the items except for the ring being crushed a bit 
Postage/Shipping: / 
The package was a little rough when I received it, since it was flown to me I would recommend or ask that the items are in a bubble wrap lined package or something more secure to insure that they wont break
Communication: /
Veronique was very sweet and kind anytime I spoke to her and would be happy to answer any of your questions
Overall: /   

This shop is fantastic, if you haven't seen her creations you should def check this shop out for your next cute purchases!! 
 Thank you again to Veronique and thank you for reading my dears, please feel free to like/comment and check out my other links. Go give MadModesty some love! Have a spectacular day!!
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