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Pastel Dream Shoes & Accessories Review ♡

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Hello sweeties..! I hope you are doing good n_n today I'm going to be reviewing this amazing etsy shop called Pastel Dream Shoes & Accessories, this is a two girl project owned by the sweet Miss Shiroi Neko and Kuroi Neko based in Glasgow, Scotland which is in the UK. They make a lovely variety of handmade creepy cute/sweet jewelery, hair accessories and custom painted shoes perfect for so many looks! I was sent some amazing items to review for you all, lets get started~
Everything I received was in this lovely package..! I love the different international stamps (◡‿◡✿)It was sent out on the 30th of June and I received it on the 8th of July which is rather quick since I live in the U.S..I meant to have this posted earlier but I've been recovering from bronchitis, Shiroi was super sweet about the whole situation so I'm very thankful for her kindness.
View of inside the package..EEEEEEE!!

Inside were these four super cute mesh jewelery bags with goodies in each one! I was so excited to open them all
Kawaii graphics

Their shops personal card..I love the kitty on it!

First item is this super sweet angelic heart necklace..!! On a pink chain with jewel and rose details..perfect for sweet looks, cult party kei and fairy kei~these can be made into pins as well, I wasn't able to find this one in the shop but if you'd like to purchase it I'm sure more can be made..just send the sweeties a message

Next is this whimsical cameo pendant necklace..I absolutely adore this! The little details work beautifully together, and the large chain links~! ^∇^ pastel goth and creepy cute fashions are some of my favorites and this one is spot on in that category. These are handmade so each one has its own uniqueness, so many to choose from! Only $6.85~get yours here

Ribcage heart necklace..made out of resin (6cm across) I love the pearl and heart beaded details. This one is a mint/lavender fade which was done very well! On sale for $8.43 and comes in a variety of different color combos, get this creation here

Cute bat necklace, made out of resin and attached to a wonderful purple chain. What can I say, I LOVE BATS! This is only $8.78 and can be made in any color you like..just send a message their way and they would be happy to help you out. Get it here

Dragon bat clips ^_^ attached to sturdy alligator clips. I think these match perfectly with the bat necklace~ can be worn in your hair, on your blouse, or even your shoes. $6.85 for the pair and they come in a variety of colors, get them here

Angel wing clips, also attached to alligator clips which I actually love because I feel they latch onto your hair very well. These are the white hologram version, they shine beautifully when they capture light! >ᴗ< These come in a variety of colors as well and only $6.85 for the pair, you can get them here

Here is a couple different ways I wore the angel wing clips, I think they work perfectly next to each other or on either side (。♥‿♥。)

The clips pair with the winged heart necklace beautifully, I feel so angelic wearing them
Angels mini graphics

Close up of this beauty, it glistens so much when it captures light ❤

EEEEE..!! This kitty pendant necklace is divine~I wore/transformed myself in pastel goth to wear the rest of her items since I feel they work so well with this look, you can see a step by step pastel goth transformation in my YouTube Channel

This skeleton heart necklace is amazing, green(any shade) is my favorite color so I fell in love at first sight
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The mint/lilac paint fade is spot on!

The dragon bat clips and bat necklace go together as if they were made for each other keehee, I added my pony side hair clips to show off the dragon clips better. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

Batty perfection! I hope you enjoy all of these babies as much as I do, also if you order from her shop you get 15% off your next order!! Now to rate (人´∀`*)
Workmanship: / 
There was a little chip in one of my clips and a few rough edges but nothing major and you cant tell unless if you look very closely, other than that they are lovely

Postage/Shipping: / 
The package arrived quick since it came from the UK, sometimes customs can hold things up a bit but I had no complications

Communication: / 
The ladies are super sweet and reply SO quickly, they have become good friends of mine and I adore them

Overall: / 
The experience I had with them from start to finish was phenomenal and they go out of there way to make sure you are sent the best handmade items and that you are happy with them, I highly recommend this shop
Thank you for reading pretties! I hope you enjoyed this review and feel free to check out my other links above! Go check out Pastel Dream Shoes & Accessories and give them some love.

Favorite/Visit their Etsy shop here
Watch them on Storenvy here 
Kawaii small graphics
Have a wonderful day and I hope to see you again soon!  

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