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Hello sweeties, I hope you are doing good. Today I am going to be reviewing for an amazing etsy shop called HOLLYPOPLOVE based in the U.S. Virginia specifically. The super sweet owner Holly makes a wide variety of spooky and sweet jewelery...perfect for halloween inspired looks, pastel goth, sweet lolita, fairy kei, even vintage and everyday looks n_n When we spoke I was told I would be sent a pair of her PERFECT skeleton hand clips and a custom item, I was SOOO excited to see/receive my package. Shipping is free in the U.S. but she also offers International shipping so just send her a message about it if you have any questions
OKAY! Lets take a moment to enjoy this super kawaii package..I screamed when I saw it >.< Completely covered in stickers, stamps, decorated tape, and 3D stickers! It was taped completely all around with clear tape as well so nothing would fall off in the posting process. I just moved from California to Alabama so I'm not extremely far from Virginia, the package was sent the 24th of June and I received it on the 27th which was quick

Even the back was very decorated too! I LOVE IT..that galaxy tape *W* I'm definitely keeping this envelope for a very long time

After carefully opening the package, everything came in this bag securely taped and decorated with colorful hearts and stripes.

EEEEEEE! I got some YUMMY candy too!

I was truly blown away when I opened the many goodies. OH MY!
Kawaii graphics
I received all these super cute stickers and designs to add on letters or use for scrap booking. Cant wait to use them :D 

I also got these three Hollywood Zombies card (Messica Simpson), a Harry Potter card and her personal business card. I love them all

Close up of her card, I love the color choices and little Totoro detail

OoOoO~skulls! These earrings are super cute, lovely for pastel goth or everyday looks. I didn't see these in the shop but if you would like them I'm sure she could recreate a pair or something similar

These mint rose earrings, green is my favorite color so I was immediately drawn to them..I didn't find this set in the shop either~the earrings backboard is really cute too

At first I didn't know that this adorable ice cream case opened up but once I popped it open I was surprised with wrapped goodies inside!

First thing I found inside was this sweet lollipop adjustable ring, perfectly made out of polymer clay and gems on a adjustable stainless steel base. This ring is only $5.00 and you can get it here...completes any sweet/cute look

Found this pastel pink strawberry ring inside as well, so sparkly...glistens beautifully when it captures light. Adjustable as well which is always a plus when it comes to rings, this one is also $5.00 and you can get it here available in red, pastel pink and dark pink.

Pastel goth 90's pendant necklace with a gemstone attached...this makes a divine addition to my creepy cute jewelery and I've always adored bats. You can choose between a pastel purple bat and black, ONLY $5.00 you can get this necklace here

UNFF! These skeleton hands are so well made and beautiful..!! I love them SOOOOO much, these are the baby pink pair with green accents and alligator clips attached. She makes them in many different colors and for $6.00 a set that's very reasonable, link for the pink set can pick between green or black in between the bones.
Last but not least, I got this shiny green ring as well with an adjustable base. This would add a cute touch to anything! I didn't see this one in the shop but if you like this ring or any of the items that weren't in the shop here just send her a message, she is a sweetheart.
W O R P H O T O S~

This strawberry ring is full of sparkly cuteness! I paired it with my pastel rainbow wig..perfect!
 Kawaii graphics

Super sweet lollipop ^-^ I couldn't stop smiling..this is beyond cute!! Also this wig is from can use my code "PastelUsagi" to get 10% off of a $30 purchase or more 

These earrings are darling, can be used for a so many pastel and elegant looks!

FUUUU! So shiny..LOVE

Ahhh..! These skeleton hands clips are spooky cuteness~they go perfectly with my twin tails but I think they can be used in so many places like on your shirt or if you did twin buns and used them on either side ^^

I think these earring and necklace pair together beautifully, they give a wonderful touch to any outfit. Perfect for pastel goth/goth looks~

Close up of the batty necklace :3 hope you enjoy all of these items as much as I do! Now to rate ♡
 Workmanship: /
Everything was beautifully made, nothing was broken and I was very happy with everything
Postage/Shipping: /
I had no complications, the package arrived in 3 days which was great and she securely wrapped and packed her package with care
Communication: /
She replies very quickly and is such a sweet and kind person and would be happy to answer any questions, I also got a personal message when she sent the package too
Overall: /
This fantastic shop is full of amazing varieties and are good quality as well..I had a great experience from start to finish and I highly recommend this shop

I hope you enjoy my review lovelies and go give Holly some love, feel free to comment and check out my other links too. I would also like to say thank you again to Holly..I can't express into words how wonderful everything is and you are such a lovely being~
Visit/favorite her etsy shop here
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Kawaii graphics 
 Have a ppuurrfect day, thank you for stopping by.


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