Thursday, August 7, 2014

B-Go Review ❀

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Hello guys and dolls~! I hope you are doing good ^-^ today I am going to be reviewing this SUPER KAWAII shop based in Hong Kong called B-Go ..they have a variety of unique handmade jewelry, mostly eyeballs are incorporated in a lot of their items. Perfect for many creepy cute looks. The lovely owner sent me some items to wear and review for you all..lets get started
Everything came in this paper wrapped package, it was sent out on the 14th of July and I received it on the 25th n_n

After unwrapping the package this adorable box was reveled! Of course you can see their B-Go logo and the box has a gorgeous flower pattern on top and a polka dot pattern on the bottom

Once opened, I found these goodies~!

Also included their card with links added on as well

First thing was this googly eye ring n_n the eyes move around when you wear it, attached to a pink plastic band, its not adjustable but its a decent size ring..if I could guess I would say a size 6 or 7..I don't know the exact size though

Next was this monster necklace..attached to a pink chain link along with rainbow beading and of course a cyclops monster *W*

Fishy! These colorful earrings were included as well, the heads bop up and down 

Flower printed eyeball bow attached to a alligator clip, these have become quite popular..I've noticed a lot of shops make some form of these but the eyelashes included are a first for me. I find it unique which I love~

This large flower eyeball clip/brooch was the last item..I really like how realistic the eyes are that are incorporated in most of the jewelry can be worn in many ways. If you are interested in any of these items just send a direct message their way and they'd would be happy to help!


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I adore this necklace and ring, I wore them together as you can see since I feel they go together well. I wore a bright one piece romper, I love all the designs on this. You can wear so many things matched with these items though since there are lots of colors you can incorporate in outfits and such

These earrings are super cute, they pair with this necklace well too! I think it suits decora looks perfectly~

I really love eyeball bows, can be used for everyday looks in my opinion~the clip is very sturdy as well and latches on well to hair

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I wore this in many ways as you can see I love how I can use it in my hair and clothing, I also wore it on one of my eyes~! Where is the fun without some silly photos keeheehee~I feel KAWAII!! Now to rate!
Workmanship: /   
The items were of good quality and were made well 
Postage/Shipping: / 
I was estimated a month and the package arrived in about ten days which was very awesome!

Communication: /
When they contacted me they were very sweet and when I sent messages back they were quick to answer and lovely
Overall: /  

Everything was great, I love the uniqueness of each item, I recommend this shop for your next creepy cute purchase

Thank you for stopping by..feel free to check out my other links to keep up with my other posts and all that good stuff, go give B-Go some love for your next creepy cute purchase ^u^
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 Hop, hop~See you next time!

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