Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Acrylicana Review ☽

Kawaii graphics
Hello darlings, today I am reviewing this amazing shop called Acrylicana, based in the U.S. Michigan specifically. The lovely owner Mary makes a variety of handmade jewelry, custom art prints, custom shoes and much much more! Her art is truly amazing~I was sent a sweet package to review for you all..LETS GO!
Everything came in this lovely package, I believe it was sent out on the 27th of July and I received it on the 2nd of August
View of the inside once opened, the package was lined with bubble wrap which is always a plus
Everything that came in the package, a hologram box, a sweet note and her amazing art in sticker form..!! They are so beautiful~
I love anything hologram so when I saw this box my eyes lit up! LOVE THIS~
View of the box once I opened it, I wasn't sure what she was going to send me so I was very excited to look at all the goodies
View of her card, I love how bright and colorful it is!
First item I found was this acrylic blue star post stud earrings, I didn't find these exact blue ones but she has purple ones in the shop right now for only $4.00...if you would like other colors just send a message her way to see if she has other options n_n get the purple pair here
Kawaii graphics
Next was this Sailor Moon Acrylicana necklace, this art is amazing..!!! Its Usagi..MY FAVORITE ^W^ On a lovely plastic charm (approximately 2 inches) attached to a silver ball chain, she has a bunch of other sailor scouts available too. Get this necklace for only $10.00 here
Wood Cupcake Necklace, super cute wooden charm attached to a black ball chain (around 1.5 inches) perfect for sweet simple looks, only $6.00 you can get this baby here
Sugar pink bracelet, $8.00 this divine bracelet is an acrylic word charm on a silver plated-chain with a heart attached. Originally 7.5 inches in length but if you need it a bit longer just send a message her way before purchasing, the words don't bend just as a heads up. She also has these in the words cute and kitten as well (purple or pink) get yours here
I also got this diamond hair barrette made out of white and light blue perler beads, I didn't find this one in the shop currently..VERY CUTE
SHE ALSO INCLUDED THIS BABY! Adding this to my figurine collection...EEE!!
I am truly blown away by the beauty of this art, I haven't decided what I'm going to use them on yet but I want to make sure I'm keeping it for a while before I do >U< the Acrylicana Girls are phenomenal, so colorful! Kinda reminds me a bit of Lisa Frank art, I've been a fan of hers since I was a kid!

These earrings can be a perf pop of color to many outfits, the earrings are attached to a silver base as well

Kawaii graphics
I adore this necklace so much..!! Custom art pieces are so gorgeous and one of a kind too which I'm a huge fan of

CUPPY CAKE! Loving this~I think it would be cute for simple looks or go perfectly with a chocolate coord

This bracelet is great! You can see through the letters which I like..very pink but under certain colors it has a orange tone to it as well, it was the right size for me!

I wore this a couple different ways, can be used in much more too!! I hope you like these items as much as I do sweeties! Now to rate~
Workmanship: /   
I feel all the items were made beautifully and the unique art on the necklace and stickers were tremendous, all the pieces are uniquely made 
Postage/Shipping: / 
The package arrived in less than a week which was great! We do both live in the U.S. so if you live outside of the U.S. shipping will be a bit longer
Communication: / 
She is a very lovely person to talk to, such a sweetheart and replies are quite quick
Overall: /  

All the items are wonderful..! Be sure when you purchase from her shop to care for her items carefully as they can be delicate and keep away from water, treat them as treasures
 Thank you again to Mary and thank you everyone for reading!! Checkout my other links above for more posts and go give Acrylicana some lovin' you will not be disappointed, she takes custom and pre orders too..just send a message her way
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See her beautiful art here
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