Sunday, September 21, 2014

Showishes Review ❤

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Hello my dears..!!! I hope you are good, I'm so sorry its been so long since my last review...I've been very busy with school and house hunting but I'm back and am very excited to talk to you about this Storenvy shop called Showishes, based in China this shop offers a wide variety of kawaii clothing, accessories, bags, wigs and much more!! I was sent a package to review for you all, lets get started  ^・ω・^
Everything I received came in this package, it took about 2 weeks for it to arrive in the U.S. (Alabama) from China
View from the inside once opened, the package was lined with bubble wrap on the inside so that's always a plus
View once taken out, everything was in a cute Showishes bag
This is the item chosen for me to review, I was so excited to try it on ^_^ This is the Sheryl Cosplay wig and its actually on sale of only $34.90 with free shipping too!
Taken out of the bag, the wig was securely packed
The wig was wrapped in a mesh net which I love because I actually like to store my wigs in them to keep from tangling if I don't have a manikin head to keep it on~
Close up of there beautiful card
There was a sweet personal card and note included as well, personal touches like that always puts a smile on my face (´▽`ʃƪ)
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This wig is so long and gorgeous..!! Its 80cm long and has lovely gold and pink cherry gradient details...I love this color. It was a little tangled when I received it but nothing major. I combed it carefully with a very wide tooth comb since wavy wigs are a little tricky to de tangle
The lacing on the inside was perfect, nothing wrong and its adjustable too if you need it a little smaller
I also found a SURPRISE!! These adorable skeleton hands in a mesh jewelry bag that they included..attached to alligator clips. I adore them...!! ⌒▽⌒
This is how the wig looked when I first tried it on, I had just gotten home from school which is why there is a heart x_x the bangs are long and didn't frame my face well and I had to bobby pin them out of the way. I decided to cut it to compliment my face better, here is how it turned out once I was finished...
I really love how it looks with the bangs cut. I left the pink under layer a little longer while cutting it so the blonde and pink would still be visible ❤
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I feel so cute in this wig, I did a dolly eye style make up and used my pearl gems as well
GODDESS HAIR...!! I love everything about this, you can get this STUNNING wig here
These skeleton clips are perfection too...!! I wore them on my shirt but of course you can wear them in many other places, can't wait to use these in different looks. NOW TO RATE! ★^O^★
 Workmanship: /   
The wig quality and clips are both made quite beautifully...I had no problems with them except needing to comb the wig out. It wasn't super shiny either which some can be that way
Postage/Shipping: / 
The package arrived in a few weeks which isn't bad coming from China, thankfully customs wasn't an issue
Communication: / 
Whenever I had a question the response was fairly quick which is always a relief when needing to communicate
Overall: /  

I had a good experience with this shop and I look forward to wearing more Showishes items..over all Susan is a sweetheart and I highly recommend this shop. I know you'll find something you love
Kawaii graphics
Thank you for reading lovelies and thank you again to Susan, I hope the rest of your day/night is full of adventures and I'll see you next time! Feel free to check out my other links and go checkout Showishes *bunny hugs*

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