Friday, April 11, 2014

SpreePicky Review~★

 Hello cuties..!! I hope you are having a good day/night~! Today I'm doing a review for a wonderful storenvy shop called Spreepicky..!! I was SOOO excited to have the opportunity to review for them..everyone is so sweet and I love everything they have. This amazing shop is based in China and offers a wide variety of Harajuku, Lolita, J fashion items, wigs, accessories and so much more for good prices (plus sizes available as well) also shipping is free WORLDWIDE which is amazing..! They were kind enough to let me pick out an item to review for you lovelies ^_^ lets get started..!! 
I chose this dress...! This was the stock provided, the full name of this dress is
K-fashion Kawaii Navy School Style Loose Three Quarter Sleeve Dress (SP140551)link to dress here 
The price is $25.99 (FREE SHIPPING♥)  It is a cotton blend and unfortunately only available in one size, measurements:
Bust: 82cm/32.22"
 Shoulder: 34cm/13.36" 
Sleeve Length: 41cm/16.11" 
Length: 71cm/27.90"
 After I placed my order I noticed under the color description it said the dress was beige so I sent them a email asking if it was the same as the stock photo, they replied very quickly and let me know that it was beige but the photo was taken with very bright lighting. They offered to change my order but I stuck to the dress because I think its so cute!! I love Sailor/Navy clothing *U* 
 Everything arrived in this package, it was sent out on April 1st..I got a confirmation email after I placed my order and they also sent a personal email making sure I got the confirmation info. I received the package on the 7th. They were SO kind and happy to answer any of my questions..I live in California currently and it came all the way from China which is phenomenal. The estimated time to arrive in the US is 7-15 days and it came in 6..I couldn't be happier about that
It was perfectly placed in the package..this is how it looked when I pulled it out, they also sent a typed out letter for me as well (っ◕‿◕)っ♥

Unfolded, it was placed in a plastic Spreepicky clothing bag..I was so anxious and excited to open it..!!

Before I opened the bag I felt something extra at the bottom of the package and this cutie was in there
 This Spreepicky mascot key chain is overflowing with cuteness..I love it! Its already on my key ring..I will carry her where ever I go
 Out of the bag..!! EEEEEE~! The only color option right now is beige but its not extremely beige...its very light, more like a off white.
 I really love this A-shaped dress and I'm so happy I chose this one..! Its perfect >Q<

The stripe detail is beautiful and I didn't see anything wrong with the dress, no stains, everything looked very well stitched. The waist stretches a good bit too so thats a plus~
This adorable Spreepicky tag was attached on the dress
Back of the dress
♥ You can see the jumper flap better on the pic below

 I'm in loooveee! SOOOO has more of an empire waist where its sits below the bust and flares out. I'm 5'4 so this is where it sits on me...if you are taller I would recommend wearing a pair of bloomers underneath and it would add a perfect touch. I paired it with some black heels and ankle socks
Side photo, you can see where the waist sits a bit better here..UUWWAAAAA
Back, I can't get over is perfect for an everyday look or you could add more items to this and make it a VERY sailor outfit...!!
Precious from any angle. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I felt like an adorable sailor doll all day in this dress (˘‿˘ʃƪ)

Close ups n__n The dress is really soft and comfortable...a lot of people including myself worry about ordering things from China and places like that because the quality may not be as good but the feeling of it and everything is lovely so don't worry ◠‿◠
Now to rate...!!!
 Workmanship: /
  Everything was sewn beautifully and I didn't find any loose strands or marks on the dress
Postage/Shipping: /
 I was estimated 7-15 days and it arrived in 6 which was fantastic and very quick since it came from China...!! Sometimes customs can postpone the delivery of your package but in my case it arrived fast
Communication: /
I had a lot of questions, they were more than kind to me and answered everything they also sent the emails to check if I got my confirmation info and also provided me with a tracking code too..the personal letter was very sweet as well
Overall: /
From start to finish everything was beyond wonderful, I highly recommend this shop, the items and customer service are spot on. Everyone is such a delight!

They were nice enough to provide me with a discount code for you all too, use the code "PastelUsagi" at checkout to get 10% off of a $30.00 purchase or more (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)
*salute* I hope you enjoy this shop and there items as much as I do...I highly recommend Spreepicky and I can't wait to get more adorable clothing from them.
You can visit this storenvy shop here
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Thank you so much for reading and thank you again to everyone at Spreepicky, feel free to comment..check out my other links and go give Spreepicky some love. You won't regret it~I hope you all continue to have a fabulous day/night and happy shopping!

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