Thursday, May 8, 2014

SpreePicky Review #2

Hello my lovelies..!! Today I am here for another review sponsored by Spreepicky n_n you can read my previous review for this lovely shop here. I'm sorry its taken me a while to reply to you guys..I have been going through a lot at the moment and I just moved 2,500 miles across the U.S. but I am back and I have internet access again Alright, lets get started~
This is the adorable dress they wanted me to review for you all~! ;u; the photo above is the stock photo provided for this dress, its called Fantasy J-fashion Girly Stars Lace Joint Cake comes in size S, M and L. I got mine in M, here are the measurements:
Bust: 92cm/36.22"

 Shoulder: 33cm/12.99"

Sleeve Length: 16cm/6.3"

Length: 78cm/30.71"
It is only available in light purple at the moment. The price is $58.99 but they offer FREE SHIPPING so that is all you will pay
(dress out of packaging) It arrived very quickly..I didn't provide photos of the packaging because I didn't have it in the original package but it did arrive securely and was also in a spreepicky bag~here is the front view of this beautiful dress ^_^
Back view of the dress, SUPER CUTE~I couldn't get over how cute it was...I love all of the little details. It is beautifully layered with chiffon and lace~
Close up of the top of the dress, I adore the chiffon puff sleeves
The lace design on the bottom of the layers are a the perfect touch to this..there are also little sequins sewn in the lacing as well
SO MANY STARS ✰_✰ the complete top chiffon layer of the dress has tons of sewn stars all over it, what an adorable magical touch
five dazzling layers ^ₒ^ starting with a lace layer than chiffon layer and it continues to overlap in that order
Once you get past all of those layers there is also a satin piece underneath it all as well so that is definitely a plus..I love how fluffy and doll like this dress looks.
It also came with a Spreepicky tag attached as well inside of the dress
The only visible defects I saw is the lace layer on the top of the dress wasn't sewn down but can easily be fixed~
and I saw a few loose strands on the star and bottom of the lacing too, it only took a few minutes to fix it major defects ^◡^ 

I was worried how the dress would fit me since it doesn't have a waist line but I don't know why I did...ITS PERFECT. I paired it with some white strapped heels, pearls and matching hair clips
Kawaii graphics 
EEEE...!! So fluffy, I feel like a magical girl wearing this  

Better photo of how it will look from the side, it was such a beautiful day outside for taking pictures
Back view, I was quite comfortable wearing this..I kept it on all day and walked around town with my friends. It was lovely *W*
Usagi brings peace to you all XD
Faerie in her garden
Close up..!! I can't express enough how much I love this dress~now to rate (っ◔◡◔)っ ♥
 Workmanship: /

I removed a heart for the few defects in the dress, other than that it is lovely!

Postage/Shipping: /

Shipping has always been fast when I receive anything from spreepicky and giving there customers free shipping on everything is amazing

Communication: /

They are always quick to reply when you have any question or concern, they are happy to help you anytime

Overall: /
I kept my overall experience 5/5 ...they are so sweet no matter what and I fixed the small defects so it was no biggie for me. I would recommend this dress to anyone 

I can never make a perfect heart >.< Thank you for reading cuties and I hope you enjoy this can use my code "PastelUsagi" at checkout to get 10% off of a $30 purchase or more including this dress!(link to dress here) Feel free to comment and check out my other links~
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