Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Creepy Kitty Shop Review ☆彡

Hello sweeties..!! I hope you are good, today I reviewing this amazing Storenvy shop called Creepy Kitty, based in California the lovely and sweet owner Maria has a variety of handmade creations that are inspired by Japanese fashions like fairy kei, decora, lolita and overall cute looks! Everything I have seen in her shop are truly beautiful and well made~Maria sent a package to review for you all ^_^ before I start
 Use the code "PastelUsagi" for 10% off you entire order
Everything came in this protected envelope lined with bubble wrap, It was sent through first class so I received it very quickly! The paper and tape she used for the addresses were SO cute~
 I was sent a headband and a pink mesh bag of goodies as well
First item I opened up was this two way star clip, lavender stars attached to a pearl chain and beautiful handmade details to it..the candy and rainbow pieces attached are perfect! I love that it can be worn as a hair clip or a brooch, as soon as I saw it I fell in love~I've wanted a clip like this for a long time n_n these run about $4-$7 I'm not quite sure on the exact price because I didn't find this specific one in the shop but the prices are extremely affordable and also well made in my opinion
Next was this super kawaii pastel headband that has been recently added to her shop so these are limited right now, completely made by hand, all the little details she added on it are divine! Very sturdy and looks cute from any angle, since this was custom I'm not sure on the pricing but you can always send a message her way
KORILAKKUMA ♥ I'm a huge fan of these bears and own quite a bit of rilakkuma items so when I saw this I was beyond ecstatic, it is super shiny and captures a lot of light ~a pretty holographic shine which is beautiful! The ring is adjustable too which is a plus so it can fit all sizes
Rilakkuma kawaii choker, chiffon with a pretty white star pattern. Bows, stars and flower details added on were a perfect touch to them..the pendants in all of her jewelry as so well made! This one has green glitter all inside with heart details along with stickers, these run about $7-$10 each depending on the item you choose
I wore my headband with the choker and ring I was sent as well, everything goes together perfectly! I matched it with my vintage lace top that I got from a thrift gives the sweet magical look that I'm going for~

Loving all of these items~I could wear them all day long! Also this wig is from SpreePicky, if you use the code PastelUsagi to get 10% off of a $30 purchase or more ^W^
The choker and ring and very comfortable and they are both adjustable so they can fit most sizes, they add a lovely touch to my pastel outfit
I wanted to wear light, sweet makeup so I went with mint and lavender, a black liner and white in the inner corners of my eyes.
Wearing the 2 way star clip is sturdy, you have the option of wearing it on your clothing or as a hair accessory. I thoroughly enjoyed putting these together with my look. 

 Don't forget! You can use the code "PastelUsagi" to get 10% off your order, now to rate!! 

Workmanship: ❤❤❤❤❤/❤❤❤❤❤      
Everything was made beautifully and handled with care, of course you can't be extremely rough with them~they make wonderful kawaii additions
Postage/Shipping: ❤❤
Since she sent through first class and we are both in the United States shipping was very quick and I was informed when it was sent out as well
Communication: ❤❤❤❤❤/❤❤❤❤❤
She has been a great friend and responses are always quick, don't hesitate to send a message her way..she is continuing to make new items for her shop that I enjoy seeing..they are lovely!
Overall: ❤❤❤

I highly recommend Maria's shop, responses are quick as well as shipping and prices are GREAT!! 

Thank you for reading and thank you to Maria, you can check out my other links above and visit Creepy Kitty for your next cute purchases~ 
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See you next time!

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